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Google Quietly Rolls Out

Posted on June 28th, 2011 by AndrewHazen  |  No Comments »

As reported by TechCrunch,a new Google site called is attempting to “create a unified UI to search in multiple channels”. Sure enough, visiting the URL brought up a Google page — but it was a 404 page. Turns out it needs the “www” in order to work. Yes, is not quite ready for prime-time. But it is out there, live!

The new service, which Google apparently did launch this morning, is called What do you love? (hence, While it seems to be more of a cute gimmick at this time, the idea is to return users a single page of relevant results across many of Google’s products for whatever query is typed into the wdyl search box. The “search” button is even a heart. Cute.

Check it out at and let us know what you think!!



Researching a Domain Name? 7 Things You Need To Know!

Posted on May 9th, 2011 by AndrewHazen  |  No Comments »

I am often asked what determines the value of a domain name and the reality is, the value is what someone is willing to pay for it.  We of course don’t want my post to end right there so I will take you into the mindset of a domain investor…

As an admitted domain addict, I can share with you the process and filters I personally go through to determine the “value” of a domain name.

#1 Is it generic and a category killer Ex.,, Candy, etc.?

#2 Is there search volume on PHRASE/EXACT match in the Google Keyword Tool…NOT broad (i.e. are people LOOKING and SEARCHING for the keyword(s) in the domain?)

#3. What’s my intent? Build/Develop the site (like I did with, Resell it (i.e. flip it) to another investor or possible end-user like I did with

#3a. If I’m thinking about HUNTING for end-users am I ready for the challenge and hard work ahead?  It can be A LOT of hard work!

#4. What is the Cost Per Click (CPC) value of the keyword(s) in the domain name? Ex. auto insurance is a $29.66 CPC

#5 What have similar keywords sold for? Check and other resources at

#6 There are free evaluation tools such as and but I DO NOT rely heavily on them…

#7 What does my gut tell me?
There is a bit more that goes into the process but this is certainly a GREAT starting point for anyone new to domaining and domain investing!

To your domaining success,

Denver Businessman Peter Niederman Acquires

Posted on April 29th, 2011 by AndrewHazen  |  2 Comments »

According to, Denver area businessman Peter Niederman has purchased the domain name. The website provides comprehensive information about the diverse city and its people, including details on community events, arts and culture, businesses, nightlife and much more. Visitors to can search available real estate, featured homes with convenient maps, and view nearly 50,000 properties currently for sale from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs by using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) search feature.

“I viewed the purchase of as an excellent opportunity because the ability to acquire domain names is very rare,” said Niederman. “ is a community site that serves as a voice for the City and County of Boulder. It’s an online venue where people can learn about the city’s history, culture, growing business community, nightlife, recreation, entertainment, and much more. The site also has a blog that serves as a forum for opinions, the latest news and events, and as a place where people can interact online. The website is a free service and there is no advertising.” is a vibrant Internet site where visitors can find things of interest that encompass a wide range of topics. Website visitors will also find a directory with information on hotels, businesses, and the University of Colorado. A convenient community calendar provides details on sporting events, nightlife, family events, music, green and alternative energy companies, outdoor recreation, entrepreneurs, and events such as the farmer’s market, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, and theater and dance.

Boulder is a progressive city where the citizens are passionate about preserving the beautiful environment around the city, helping make Boulder a great place to live. There are numerous start-up businesses in the city, including companies that are on the leading edge of renewable energy research. Boulder was named one of America’s top 25 cities to “Live Well” by, and named the number one place to live in the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.


Niederman is Chief Executive Officer of Kentwood Real Estate, one of the nation’s leading real estate companies known for its commitment to advanced technology.

24% Increase in Domain Name Dispute Filings in 2010

Posted on April 10th, 2011 by AndrewHazen  |  No Comments »

Today, The National Arbitration Forum (FORUM), an international provider of dispute resolution services announced that a total of 2,177 cases were filed in its domain name dispute resolution program in 2010, up 24 percent from 2009 (1,759 cases) and 23 percent from 2008 (1,770 cases). The FORUM is approved by the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to provide domain name dispute resolution services under policies like the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).

The following data pertains to the National Arbitration Forum domain name dispute resolution program in 2010 (January 1 to December 31, 2010):

  • Over 2,100 cases filed (96.6 percent) involved generic top-level domain (gTLD) names including .com and .org under the UDRP.
  • Approximately 70 cases involved a .us top-level domain under the United States Dispute Resolution Policy (usDRP).
  • One case was administered under the United States Nexus Dispute Policy (usNDP) and one was administered under the Restrictions Dispute Resolution Policy (RDRP), regarding .biz.
  • Panelists heard and decided 1,819 of the 2,177 cases filed; parties worked together to settle a majority of the remaining cases.
  • UDRP cases, on average, were concluded 40 days from commencement, a handful of cases concluded in fewer than 20 days.

In 2010, the FORUM surpassed a total of 15,000 domain name cases filed (15,763) since it accepted its first case in 1999.

“The business of registering and monetizing domain names continues to grow,” said Kristine Dorrain, National Arbitration Forum’s Internet Legal Counsel. “As a result, it is inevitable that some percentage of those names will involve cybersquatting and more cases than ever are being filed. The FORUM offers a fast, efficient process for resolving these disputes.”

Several 2010 decisions involved notable trademarks such as AMERICAN GIRL, TEA PARTY PATRIOTS, MERCEDES and BRAD PITT. National Arbitration Forum domain name dispute proceedings and decisions are available online in a searchable case database.

Cases filed with the National Arbitration Forum are heard and decided by Dispute Resolution Panelists who are primarily lawyers and judges with significant UDRP experience or who specialize in domain name, trademark, copyright and/or e-commerce law. Panelists are located around the world and can conduct proceedings in several languages including Dutch, English, French, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Korean. The FORUM heard disputes filed by complainants from at least 40 different countries in 2010.


After 17 Years, is For Sale

Posted on April 7th, 2011 by AndrewHazen  |  No Comments »

After nearly 20 years, BX.COM has decided to focus its attention on its highly successful software product, pureCommerce. “Changing the company’s name to pureCommerce better reflects who we are and our business focus,” stated Mark Shapiro, Founder and CEO of BX.COM. “Because of this,” he continued, “we are entertaining offers for purchase of the domain via sealed bid.” Now that BX.COM has directed its focus toward a more targeted market, parting ways with the domain makes sense.

Two letter dot com (.com) domains were sold out in 1994, and have become a much sought-after commodity and are rarely for sale out on the market. Companies, both inside and outside of the US, have pursued the BX.COM domain over the years. Most recently, offers have come from the competitors of The Blackstone Group, whose stock symbol is BX, as well as from Chinese multinational corporations.

For more information, or to submit a sealed bid, interested parties may email DNSADMIN@BX.COM.


TV to .Info Increases Traffic 10,000+%

Posted on April 7th, 2011 by AndrewHazen  |  12 Comments »

About a year ago, I purchased at a SEDO auction with the intent that it would be the portal site to my network of coupon sites….

While the coupon sites have been doing very, very well from a traffic and monetization perspective….I noticed in late December 2010 that the traffic and revenue abnormally shot up! Long story short, it was due to a show on TLC entitled Extreme Couponing….well the entrepreneur in me immediately started brainstorming a whirlwind of ideas and one was quite the success tonight!!

Tonight, TLC aired the first episode for the new season of Extreme Couponing and I had TV ads running for which you can see here….the ads aired less than three hours ago and traffic to is already up more than 10,000% – not bad if I may so say myself!!

It’s all about integrated marketing my friends…..don’t give up and BELIEVE in yourself and your ideas!!

To your success,


Don’t Mess with Trump When It Comes To His Domain

Posted on April 6th, 2011 by AndrewHazen  |  No Comments »

I have had the great pleasure and experience of working with The Trump Organization on various projects from Trump Vegas to Trump Chicago, 40 Wall Street and most recently The Ivanka Trump Jewelry Collection

The Trump Organization has devoted, passionate and loyal people in its organization…something we all strive for within our businesses and when it comes to domain names, Don’t Mess with Trump!

A recent WIPO Decision reports that The Trump Organization has successfully won and took possession of, and from Web-adviso of Brooklyn, NY (the domains were registered with GoDaddy.

You can read the WIPO Decision here

Additional reports from WIPO reveal that The Trump Organization has successfully taken possession of, and….

NOTE/DISCLAIMER…I did purchase on the aftermarket but have given the domain to my friends at The Trump Organization and of course have the domain pointing to our Trump Vegas Condos project….

Bottom line folks…Don’t Mess with Trump when it comes to HIS Domain!!

Have a great and productive day!

Expired Domain Names 4/6/11

Posted on April 6th, 2011 by AndrewHazen  |  No Comments »

The following domain names are available for registration as of the time this newsletter went out….Please note that I do not own these domain names, they are available for you to register for less than $10 a year at All Internet Ideas, Moniker or GoDaddy (we only sell drains) (good eBook/affiliate domain) (they do exist!) (need IRS help?) ($320 appraisal from ($380 appraisal from (high CPC)

Please let me know if you register any of these domains and what you’re doing with them as I like to track the success of these expired domains.  Need a new logo for your new domain? Checkout

I have started an additional Domain Deals newsletter which offers domains for you to buy at great prices…if you’re interested, please sign up here

I want more Premium Domains to market in my Domain Deals newsletter, please send me your premium domains, WITH asking prices to:


As always, please feel free to forward this email to your friends as well….thanks!

To your domaining success,


.LY Domains from Libya Face Uncertain Renewal

Posted on April 4th, 2011 by AndrewHazen  |  1 Comment »

The popular .ly domain name, used by such services as Los Angeles-based Twitter ad service, URL shortening service, and a slew of other Web services, appear to be under threat from the war in Libya.

Although names to the domains are still resolving, it appears that for domain name owners looking to renew or extend their registrations to .ly addresses, they may be unable to do so. At least one .ly domain name —, an online newsletter service — has been forced to change its domain name due to an expiration of its domain name Thursday. told its users that it had to change its service to, after it was unable to renew its domain last week, reporting that the agency it used to register the domain had been taken down due to the war.

The .ly domain represents Libya, however, has become popular in recent years by U.S. based startups looking for shorter domain names.


Holiday Gifts already? Oh Yes!

Posted on April 4th, 2011 by AndrewHazen  |  No Comments »

Even though it’s April, I am already extraordinarily excited about the Holidays….especially since I am looking for a buyer for!

Just look at the brands and stores that show up when you Google ‘Holiday Gifts’

Now anyone or any company can show up in this space and reaps tons of traffic with the premium name – no doubt about it!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a retailer like Macys, Sears, Amazon, Sony, Disney, Starbucks, 1800Flowers, Godiva OR if you’re a startup or venture-backed emerging business, this is a MUST HAVE domain name!  The Google keyword tool reveals that there are well over 6,000,000 searches a month for ‘gifts’, which of course goes up during October, November and December….not to mention all the niche holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day,  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Hanukkah, etc.

In 2010 Holiday spending exceeded $460,000,000,000 – think about that and the value of!


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